Breakthroughs in Hearing Device Design Technology & Benefits

Breakthroughs in Hearing Device Design Technology & Benefits

Dr. Throm of Los Gatos Audiology in Los Gatos joined more than 50 leading US hearing care professionals who traveled to Denmark to experience first hand how today’s advanced technology hearing instruments are developed and produced. The week-long conference was held at the worldwide headquarters of leading hearing solutions manufacturer,Oticon, Inc. Participants explored the ways that the newest hearing technologies take an innovative “brain first” approach, providing sound with the clearest, purest signal possible — the way the brain is best able to understand it.

“Hearing starts in the brain,” explains.“The brain processes and interprets the sounds the ears detect. When hearing is compromised, such as with hearing loss, the sound signal that the brain is accustomed to processing is different and it takes more effort to fill in the blanks. This is why hearing loss can be so tiring and can drain the energy people need for everyday activities.”

Dr. Throm looked at “brain first” advances in hearing solutions including Oticon’s innovative BrainHearing™ technology. BrainHearing works to preserve as much natural sound and detail as possible so that the brain receives the quality input needed to make sense of sound. Hearing solutions with BrainHearing, such as the new Alta2, provide more sound information so people don’t have to work as hard to understand what is being said.“The result is a clearer, more effortless listening experience that helps preserve energy throughout the day,” says Dr. Throm.

The newest hearing solutions also address the users’ preference for a discreet design that they feel comfortable wearing throughout the day. New Alta2 is available in a range of ultra-discreet styles including a new invisible-in-the-ear solution that features built-in wireless capabilities for streaming audio from cell or home phone, TVs and other modern devices.

In addition to touring Oticon’s state-of-the-art production and design facilities, Dr. Throm visited the Eriksholm Research Centre, which is part of Oticon. The renowned research facility is committed to making audiological discoveries that have the potential to significantly enhance benefits for people with hearing loss.

“Eriksholm’s research is the starting point for many of the audiology breakthroughs and technology innovations that have revolutionized hearing care,” said Dr. Throm. “Through research, we gain the knowledge, understanding and technology we need to provide our patients with the best possible care and hearing solutions.”

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