Tips For Traveling With Hearing Aids

Tips For Traveling With Hearing Aids

Traveling with hearing aids doesn’t have to be a hassle. Reviewing these pointers from TSA (Transportation Security Administration) and helpful packing tips can help keep your traveling experience stress-free.

What TSA Wants You to Know

Can hearing aids be worn through security checkpoints?

According to the latest TSA guidelines, you should notify a security officer that you are wearing hearing aids before screening begins. You do not have to remove your hearing aids during screening. If your hearing aids set off the walk-through metal detector or show up as anomalies using imaging technology, then you may be subject to additional screening such as a pat down or manual inspection.

Will any of the technology used in screening damage the hearing instruments in any way?

No. X-rays, walk-through metal detectors, full-body scanners, and hand-held detection devices do not affect hearing aids.

What if hearing are stored in carry-on luggage?

The devices may be subject to additional screening at the discretion of a TSA security officer.

Should medical documentation of hearing loss be brought to the airport?

Passengers with hearing aids are not required to provide medical documentation before airport security screenings. However, you may find it helpful to have this information handy in order to communicate your situation discreetly to an officer. The TSA also has a downloadable notification card available that you can fill in before travel and show when you arrive on their website.

Are their any special instructions for those with hearing aids after boarding the airplane?
You are not subject to the same rules regarding the use of portable electronic devices as everyone else. The FAA exempts such devices as hearing aids and pacemakers because they don’t give off signals like cell phones that might interfere with aircraft controls.

What You Should Pack

Following our travel checklist will ensure you pack the essentials needed to make for a comfortable trip.

Travel Checklist

  • Functional Hearing Aids
  • Extra Batteries
  • Domes and Wax Filters
  • Dehumidifier (to help dry out from perspiration or warm climates)
  • Charging Device
  • Proper Outlet Adapter (for international travel)
  • Compatible Headphones and Auxiliary Cords (for group tours)

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