Top 5 Ways to Hear Better for the Holidays

Top 5 Ways to Hear Better for the Holidays

The holidays are coming up quickly!

For most of us, this is a magical time of year. It’s a time to sit around a table with close friends and family and share a laugh. However, with hearing loss, it can be a very difficult time although it doesn’t have to be. This season try a few tips to ensure you have a more enjoyable holiday experience.

  1. Intimate is good

If everyone’s laughing and talking in a common area, it may be difficult to hear a conversation. Find a quiet area for more intimate discussions without having to keep up with everyone else. If you’re having trouble hearing at a gathering, ask if the other person would mind stepping into a quieter room.

  1. Put your best ear forward

If you have “a better side” for hearing, sit at the table to face most of the people. Position yourself to make eye contact with as many people as possible. That way you’ll be able to see their lips as they’re speaking.

  1. Give up the mood lighting

Sure everyone enjoys dimmed lights and candles in holiday photos, but dark environments may make conversation more difficult to follow. The National Institutes of Health says that well-lit areas allow people with hearing loss to pick up better on visual clues.

  1. Clue in your host

Don’t be afraid to politely talk to the host about your needs. For example, if the TV is blasting during dinner, ask if the host wouldn’t mind lowering the volume. If your friends and family are watching a movie, ask if the host can turn on the closed captioning to avoid you straining to hear the dialogue.

  1. Partner up

Ask a friend or family member at the beginning of the evening about partnering up to help keep you in the conversation. Sit beside your partner during the meal and have him or her join you in conversations. Your partner will help fill you in on conversation you may have missed, and help the subjects move naturally.

An important solution is to seek the advice of a hearing specialist focused on your personal needs. Before the season begins, make an appointment to hearing specialist to discuss ways to make this year’s holidays less work and more enjoyable for you. We can help!

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