Could My Hearing Loss Be Making Me Tired?

Could My Hearing Loss Be Making Me Tired?

Do you ever feel like you have less energy than others to be around people, in meetings, or for a leisurely night out with friends? If you suffer from hearing loss, there may be a reason for this: it’s called listening fatigue.

Hearing loss can make you tired

When you suffer from hearing loss, it is more difficult to listen and understand what is going on around you, and your brain must work over-time to strain to process your environment. This strain takes exertion, and will make you feel exhausted if you are subject to a particularly long meeting or night out in which you have to engage with other people.

If you have listening fatigue as a result of hearing loss, you are not alone. The Better Hearing Institute has estimated that $56 billion annually is wasted because of lost productivity at work due to workers with hearing fatigue.

Some people become so frustrated with their jobs they give up and quit as a result of hearing fatigue. It just becomes too difficult to engage and stay focused, and can drain energy so they are not motivated to do anything fun or relaxing outside of work.

Hearing loss necessitates a constant state of vigilance, and while most people find hearing their environment effortless, people with hearing loss have to strain to interpret every sound. Lip reading and other visual clues may have to be employed to keep up, which is also mentally draining.

Hearing aids may be able to help

If you suffer from hearing loss and the resulting hearing fatigue, hearing aids may become your new best friend. Hearing devices have technology that not only help to restore sounds missed by your ears, they can help your brain to interpret the sounds as if you were hearing them naturally.  

A hearing screening can be the best way to know if hearing aids can help you to understand the world effortlessly again.

Other suggestions to minimize hearing fatigue are:

  • Take a break for a few minutes to just relax and breathe when you feel overwhelmed.
  • Minimize interruptions and background noises during certain hours of the day.
  • Take a nap or read for a little while during the day to give your ears a rest.

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