Smart Technology: The Future of Hearing!

Smart Technology: The Future of Hearing!

Technology is everywhere we turn, especially here in Silicon Valley, the birthplace of modern technology. Our world is “smarter” than ever-with smart phones, smart TVs, smart watches and even smart electricity meters! Smart means that each device can communicate with other smart devices wirelessly, either through a Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth or a cellular network.

Smart Technology is Self-Adjusting

Smart hearing devices can self-adjust depending on the environment and noise conditions to help you hear better based on your needs at the time. The noise levels of an outdoor sporting event vary from a busy indoor restaurant or a small family gathering in your home. Smart hearing devices can self-regulate based on the surroundings which can help you to adjust and communicate in each situation.

Easy Manual Adjustment

Smart phones can connect with many devices in our lives, and smart hearing devices are no exception. In the past, it was necessary to remove a hearing aid to make manual adjustments, but now adjustments can be made easily and discreetly using your smartphone.

Smart Technology Learns with You

With every adjustment you make, your smart hearing device is learning your preferences. Over time there will be less need for manual adjustments, because your hearing device will automatically set itself based on previous settings when you are in a similar environment. This makes your hearing experience smooth and seamless.

Your Devices are Connected

Your wireless devices in each ear are also wirelessly connected to each other, so there is no need to make multiple adjustments: an adjustment to one is an adjustment to both devices. Thus, both ears will hear together, which will help your brain process sound efficiently.

Smart Hearing Devices Take you to the Next Level

Smart hearing devices can even do things people without devices can’t do, such as wirelessly stream entertainment, TV shows, radio and music directly to your ears through smartphone apps or your television. Your hearing devices essentially double as headsets—you can even answer a phone call without touching your phone, or change the channel on your TV without a remote!

You can also wirelessly adjust the hearing aid settings, such as microphone direction, treble or volume through your smartphone. This helps you to manage your hearing devices more discreetly and easily with the touch of a button.

Background Noise Reduction

New hearing aids block background noise better than ever before, which can allow your brain to hear exactly what you want to hear, no matter where you are or what you are surrounded by. They can help block out background conversation at a busy restaurant or help cut through the wind on a gusty day.

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