If you suffer from significant hearing loss, you may have experienced a substantial decrease in quality of life, especially while trying to experience community. Because hearing is such a crucial part of navigating the public sphere, hearing aids have become a necessary part of life for those with hearing loss.

Discreet Technology

Today’s hearing aid technology has allowed for a more seamless hearing experience than ever, even for those with significant hearing loss. Not only are the functions of hearing aids now controllable via smart phone or other device, they are also smaller than ever—making them so discreet, people around you may never realize you are wearing them at all.

Automatic functions like background noise reduction, feedback cancellation, and speech recognition make dealing with hearing loss easier than ever, and the hearing devices have become “smart” enough that they even learn your preferences and auto-adjust to your needs.

Technology allowing you to stream sound from televisions, phones and other devices almost make having hearing aids better than not having them—you can listen to music, movies, and TV shows wirelessly without headphones or other listening devices.

New Technology, New Capability

The hearing aids of the past were simply amplifiers of sound. They did not assist the brain in processing the sound. Since a big component of hearing loss is the breakdown of communication between the ears and the brain, this would leave hearing loss sufferers scrambling to discern and comprehend the sound they were receiving.

Today’s hearing aids are more like tiny computers, which intuitively anticipate and provide for your hearing needs. They can learn your preferences and help you control volume and background noise like never before—almost better than ears on their own!

Take Action

There are types of hearing aids that can fit every person’s comfort and style preferences, and your audiologist can help you find one to fit your budget as well. So why not schedule an appointment with your audiologist today to see what options are available to you. Start living life again with new hearing aid technology!

If you think you could have hearing loss, no matter what the cause, be sure to visit your audiologist immediately to take action. You may find a resolution that can inhibit or stop the development of hearing damage.

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