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Did you know that Hearing Devices are getting smarter? In fact, if you haven’t upgraded your hearing aids in 2 years or more, you might be surprised how the technology has improved.   3 Ways Hearing Devices are Smaller and … safest place to buy Finax online

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It’s that time of year again: time to watch the nation’s top two football teams battle it out on the field: the Superbowl! The big game can be a great time of fun and friendly competition for people who love … where can i buy Finax in bangalore

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Traveling with hearing aids doesn’t have to be a hassle. Reviewing these pointers from TSA (Transportation Security Administration) and helpful packing tips can help keep your traveling experience stress-free. What TSA Wants You to Know Can hearing aids be worn … where do you buy Finax

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The many and varied benefits of hearing aids are well known. At Los Gatos Audiology & Hearing Aid Center, Dr. Christine Throm and her team of audiology professionals have dedicated their professional lives to spreading the word about how these … buy Finax forum