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Our professional will review your personal medical hearing history and current hearing problems before you undergo a diagnostic test. This battery of tests analyzes your hearing to produce an view of hearing profile.


Your hearing profile, called an audiogram records your current hearing range combined with your lifestyle preferences.
Your pro file helps you and us select the best technology solution and style device to suit your listening needs.


Come in and explore a variety of services tailored to meet your personal hearing needs.

  • Onsite hearing device servicing and repairs
  • Utilization review for hearing aids and audiology services
  • Assistive listening devices – television amplifiers and persona l talkers
  • Custom musicians’ plugs and earphones
  • Custom earplugs for personal and industrial use
  • Expert witnesses and second opinions


Whether your job requires a level of hearing to perform safely or your job contributes to claiming a hearing loss,
We’re here to help.
Learn more about the Worker’s Compensation Evaluations [click to read more }we offer.


Companies are required by the Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to implement safeguards to protect the safety of their workers – including their hearin g. In some situations, however, an employee may still suffer hea ring impairment related to their work environment. If you are affecte d by occupational hearing loss, you will most likely file a claim for workers’ compensation. When you file a claim, you will need to u ndergo a hearing evaluation from an approved audiologist. We have experience providing workers’ compensation hearing evaluations for companies and their claimants since 1978 throughout the Bay Area.