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Hearing Aids Tailored To Your Life!


Over 10,000 lives transformed
since 1996 in Silicon Valley

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Hearing Aids Tailored To Your Life!


Over 10,000 lives transformed
since 1996 in Silicon Valley

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Hearing Aids Tailored To Your Life!


Over 10,000 lives transformed
since 1996 in Silicon Valley

Hearing loss is a very common ailment among American adults. Only about 20% of people who have hearing loss do anything about it, however.

You probably know that hearing loss is irreversible. There are a few things you can do, however, to stop the advancement of hearing damage, and very often you can reestablish normal hearing. The only way to do that is to know what you are dealing with.

How do I know if I have hearing damage?

Annual hearing evaluations are the easiest and best way to determine your level of hearing loss. Once you know that, you will be able to look at options to remedy it.

Hearing devices are a valuable tool for hearing restoration for most people. And when your hearing is restored, you get your life (and your power) back: independence to go where you want on your schedule, normal communication, social time with friends, and enjoyment of entertainment.

Don’t waste any more time!

A recent survey shows that American adults suffering from hearing loss wait an average of 7-10 years before taking any steps to correct it. That’s a shame, because the earlier hearing damage is found, the less damage that will probably be done.

Cost is a factor: hearing aids are not cheap and are usually not covered by insurance. But think of hearing aids as an investment: in your life now, and for your future.

Here are somethings to consider when investing in hearing aids:

  • When you improve hearing, you can also improve general health.

Hearing loss has been correlated to a host of other physical issues. Dementia, heart disease and cognitive decline are just a few. It is important to pay attention to hearing health, because it can be an indicator for other more serious health issues.

Hearing loss can also cause other problems, from anxiety to social isolation, which can then result in anger, depression and loneliness. It can become a cycle that keeps the sufferer alone and in the dark.

Hearing loss is also strongly associated with cognitive decline, because of decreased brain stimulation. Vertigo and other balance issues may then also result through imbalanced inner ear fluids.

  • Hearing aids have been shown to improve social life and emotional well-being.

With hearing loss comes difficulty in communication, leading to misunderstandings and strain on friendships. This can lead to social isolation as a result.

Get your power back and rebuild relationships when you take a pro-active step to restore your hearing!

Hearing loss can make navigating the world on your own difficult, which means hearing loss sufferers often become dependent on others. This loss of independence may lead to depression because these people who once were very energetic and independent begin to feel out of control of their own lives.

Get your life and your independence back by getting your hearing back!

  • Better hearing means better professional success!

When you restore normal hearing with hearing aids you can also improve your competence and communication at work.

Professional work environments require good communication. Hearing loss can lead to a reduction in job performance and can even result in decreases in pay or demotions.

Learning new things also becomes more difficult with cognitive decline that often accompanies hearing loss and reduced mental stimulation. Taking all of these things into consideration, not making an investment in your hearing can actually cost you money!

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The information provided in this article is not meant to be medical advice and is for educational purposes only. If you would like to learn more about this and other topics related to audiology, feel free to contact Los Gatos Audiology, with a convenient hearing center located in Los Gatos, CA, by clicking here or by calling 408.703.0772.

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