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Hearing Aids Tailored To Your Life!

Over 10,000 lives transformed
since 1996 in Silicon Valley

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Hearing Aids Tailored To Your Life!

Over 10,000 lives transformed
since 1996 in Silicon Valley

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Hearing Aids Tailored To Your Life!

Over 10,000 lives transformed
since 1996 in Silicon Valley

If you suffer from hearing loss, the right hearing aid may seem to give you your life back. There are a few things to consider and a period of adjustment, however.

Though it may take a short time to become accustomed to your hearing aids, don’t be discouraged Make sure to reach out to your audiologist for help if you are having trouble with the adjustment or you are confused as to how to care for your hearing devices.

What Should I Expect from My New Hearing Aids?

You should expect better hearing! Though it may take an adjustment period, the purpose of your hearing devices is to correct your hearing and improve your quality of life.

When shopping for hearing aids, take into account expert advice from your doctors and audiologist, and take time to learn the differences of all the various models.

To prepare for the big purchase, you can do several things:
Take an online hearing test

  • Find an audiologist near you that you can trust.
  • Have a hearing evaluation done with your doctor or audiologist.
  • Ask to see several models that may be appropriate to your needs.
  • Ask what is included in the purchase price. Are there insurance coverage options or ways to save on replacement, repair or maintenance costs?
  • Once you purchase your hearing aids, make sure they are fit to your ears and adjusted according to your hearing needs.
  • Take time to learn everything your hearing devices can do, from connections with phone apps to help with listening to music or television through your hearing aids. Make sure you know how to use all of the features for which you are paying!
  • Let others know that you have gotten hearing aids so they know they don’t have to speak up when talking to you any more!

When You First Get Your Hearing Aids

Give yourself time to become accustomed to your new hearing devices. You may not be used to having something in your ear, or things may sound a little different than you are comfortable with, but you will adjust and soon you will be hearing more normally.

In the first few weeks, you should notice that sounds that were muffled become clear and you can pick out specific sounds that you didn’t recognize before. These daily sounds may sound abnormally loud as you begin to adjust to how the devices translate sound to your ears and to your brain.

Familiarizing yourself with new hearing devices includes adjusting to the physical sensation of having devices in your ears as well as the changes in noise level and how some things sound compared to what you are used to. Background noises may sound new and may be harder to filter out at first, but you will get used to that as well.

How Can I More Easily Adjust?

Adjusting to hearing aids takes time, so allow yourself to gradually experience your new sensations of sound. If it seems overwhelming, only use them at home and only for a few hours a day, then gradually introduce yourself to the outside world and social interactions. If you are patient you should soon experience improved hearing capabilities and your ideal sound experience.

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