Studies Find that Dementia May Be Linked with Hearing Loss

Studies Find that Dementia May Be Linked with Hearing Loss

For many people, hearing loss is expected as a natural consequence of aging. Although it may present some inconvenience or difficulty in communication, it is not usually viewed as a major problem, and some people don’t worry too much about it. New studies have begun to link the incidence of hearing loss with dementia and mental decline, which is a bit more worrying to many.

A study involving 600 people found that people with hearing loss are more likely to develop dementia than others. Another study with more than 2000 participants concluded that people with hearing loss could suffer as much as a 30-40% decrease in cognitive abilities compared with those without it. They also correlated more severe hearing loss with a higher risk of dementia than for people with moderate or mild hearing impairment. Testing confirms that hearing loss exacerbates and quickens brain atrophy, thus accelerating mental decline, especially with age.

Symptoms of dementia, such as memory loss, inability to learn new tasks, lethargy, irritability, depression, diminished alertness, and apprehension may also be worsened when hearing loss is a factor. As mental decline is related to diminished overall health, scientists are now working to determine whether hearing aids and other such devices aimed at halting hearing loss can also slow mental decline.

What can you do to ensure you and your loved ones are protected from dementia and mental decline related with hearing loss? Annual hearing exams are important because you may not notice on your own a difference in hearing ability until it is too late and damage has already occurred.

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