Do You Make New Years Resolutions?

Do You Make New Years Resolutions?

What is your New Year’s Resolution? For many people, New Years Resolutions relate to eating better, losing weight, working out more or generally being healthier. In a recent survey, a majority of people also had hearing health on their priority list.

Statistics show that the majority of New Year’s resolutions don’t survive the month of January. Is it because they are too hard to keep? Probably not. We all think we should be healthier, but we don’t always take the steps to make those goals a reality.

People have been making New Year’s resolutions since the time of ancient Babylon, and it has been a popular tradition in every culture ever since. Almost half of people polled didn’t believe that they would have the gumption to follow through on their New Year’s Resolutions, and maybe that’s why some don’t even bother making them.

If it needs fixing…

We think that the New Year is a great time to evaluate life and see what improvements are needed, especially in the area of health. You may be surprised to know that hearing health and overall health are closely related. Did you know that hearing loss can put you at greater risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, depression and anxiety? What about the fact that hearing loss is sometimes a sign of a greater issue, such as heart disease or diabetes?

These links may put the importance of hearing health in perspective, but what can you do? The easiest and most effective thing you can do is schedule regular hearing screenings with your audiologist. This easy step will alert you and your doctor to any potential issues on the horizon. Since hearing loss is a very gradual process, it commonly goes unnoticed until irreversible damage has already been done.

The good news is that with a simple yearly hearing screening, you can know for sure if you have hearing loss, and how to prevent or treat it. Call Los Gatos Audiology today to schedule your hearing screening.

Cause for celebration

Whether or not you attend large New Years parties, now is a great time to start thinking about how to prevent hearing damage. The easiest way to do that is to avoid excessive noise. If you know that you’ll be in the vicinity of a very loud environment, simply wearing ear plugs can be the difference between hearing damage and extending your hearing health for years to come.

A great habit to start is carrying earplugs around with you wherever you go: in your pocket, purse or wallet–so if you are in a noisy environment you are always prepared to protect your hearing. Fireworks, concerts and even work and social settings often present a very noisy environment that is damaging to hearing. So be prepared and you’ll be glad you were.

Very often, hearing aids can halt or slow the progress of hearing loss, which makes yearly hearing screenings more important than ever: with understanding of your level of hearing loss comes the power to change it and prevent further damage.

Los Gatos Audiology is here to help you protect your hearing and your health. Call today and come in for your yearly hearing exam so you can stay ahead of the curve and protect your hearing, your brain and your health.

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